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The Importance Of Persistence

(Its not a destination its the name of the road)

No matter what we do in life there will be times when things go wrong and everything seems to be working against you. There will be times when you Fail as well. Sorry but need to mention that as well.

At moments like these you may feel like giving up. You suffer a loss of confidence, loss of self esteem and you don’t feel too great. The easy thing to do at moments like these is to quit what we are doing and go and do something that is easier and more fun and distracts us from your previous task.

This is exactly what most people do, there is a natural tendency to do what is easy rather than something that is difficult and demanding and necessary.

Unfortunately this type of behaviour leads to long term failure because people who quit when they experience failure or problems never stick with anything long enough to realise the benefit.

But those that keep going during times of adversity and difficulty stand a much better chance of success and will achieve something of real meaning in their lives.

These are some of the tips which have helped and continue to help me in my experience of life.

1. Think Long Term

Recognise that things of value take time and effort to achieve. If you are hoping for overnight success you will quickly be discouraged when things get difficult. Have patience that if you work long enough you will probably get what you want.

2. Set Goals

Having goals focused the mind on what you want to achieve. It helps with time management and to avoid unnecessary distractions. Set both short and long term goals. Remember lots of little steps in the right direction is the way to go. Not one big step.

3. Learn And Be Positive

You can learn from anything that happens to you regardless of whether it is good or bad. Use what you learn to improve yourself so you become a stronger, more experienced and wiser person.

4. Read And You Shall Succeed

One way to motivate yourself through difficulty is to read about people who have gone through difficult times in their life, but eventually succeed at what they want to do.

5. Pay The Price

You must be willing to pay the price in full and up front before you get what your are aiming for.This involves sacrifices like time and money. You may have to sacrifice some time spent watching TV to pursue your goals and ambitions.

6. Adapt And Change

No matter how well you have planned the pursuit of your goals things can and will go wrong. Be willing to adopt and change to the prevailing circumstances you encounter whilst keeping your focus on the goal ahead.

Realise that throughout life there are many challenges. Some are uncomfortable and difficult but when I look back on them say some months or years later I realise that through those challenges I have emerged a stronger, wiser and more capable human being. If I had given up then not only would I have missed out but so would the world in general.

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