About – Mindset 4 Success Academy



Welcome I’m Simon Poole the founder of Mindset 4 Success Academy.

I’m 53 years old from Newcastle under Lyme in Staffordshire and have worked in the corporate world for over 30 years. Married with two grown up children.

For many years I was like the majority of my peers, had a good career, secure job nice home and a good family, but as the years went on I became increasingly disillusioned with my life. I knew deep down I was capable of so much more and yet I was stuck in my mental world of self doubt, negative thinking and limiting beliefs.

I realised that if I was to start living a different life I was going to have to start thinking, behaving and acting differently. It was at this point that I started to really immerse myself in the personal development material that I had in my office, and rather than just read it, start to apply it.

In the past few years I have been using my own life experience combined with my own personal development to develop a deep understanding of how Mindset can impact on both business and our personal lives. I am now the “go to” person within the corporate world in which I still work when it comes to mindset and personal development.

My life is still full of challenges and problems (like everyone else) but now they no longer defeat me, but simply act as another teacher in mastering life.

Now I want to bring this knowledge to a wider audience. I believe that Mindset is the key factor in human potential. Whatever you want to achieve in life you can have it, once you have the right mindset.

To your success